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Discount Available on Bulk Orders for iPad Covers for Schools

The versatility of iPads is part of what makes the device so appealing. This is especially so for the purpose of education. Over the years, the average classroom has started to see the emergence of more advanced technology. ICT Suites are common place in schools now with the use of them being incorporated into the curriculum. PCs and laptops have been understood for a long time to be valuable educational tools. The same can be said about iPads.

The Cost Effective Solution to Protecting iPads in School

The drawback to having iPads in schools is their fragile nature. Kids of all ages can disregard basic courtesy when handling technology which is enough for some classrooms to overlook the vast benefits of iPads in schools. With Apps continually being released designed to educate and allow for play whilst learning, more and more schools are starting to introduce iPads into the classroom and it is a shame that this would deter any school from allowing their students access to these excellent educational tools.

Here at Kids Cover, we believe that such a constructive device should be accessible to all and that by a little innovative thought and understanding we are able to make that happen. iPad covers for schools are ideal for protecting iPads whilst in the clumsy hands of children and would allow teachers to provide these for children in their classrooms without fear of any damage befalling their device. The iPad kids case by Kids Cover are a cost effective solution to protecting iPads of all generation.

iPad Covers for Schools Made from Shockproof EVA Foam

Made from strong, durable yet soft to touch EVA foam which has been widely used for medical purposes, the iPad covers for schools we provide are designed in a way so that if they are dropped there will be no damage to the protected device. Incorporated in each iPad case design is a sturdy and comfortable carry handle which provides further protection as this can be gripped securely to avoid dropping the device. What’s more, with every iPad cover is a Crayola design stylus and a screen guard.

Get in Touch with Kids Cover to Request your Free Sample

Our hope is that by providing affordable and reliable protection for iPads in Schools, schools will be more willing to give their students access to them. In the interest of providing even better value for money we are willing to give schools the opportunity to purchase multiple iPad covers for school at a discounted price. If you are still undecided, we urge you to get in touch on +44(0)1282 680452. We will send you out a free test product so you can see for yourself the excellent design of Kids Cover’s iPad covers for schools.