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1)Are KidsCovers safe for children?

Yes, Both the KidsCover Original and the Mini are tested to the highest European safety standards, EN71. So, yes they are totally safe.

2)Does the KidsCover fit an iPad 1

Yes and no. The iPad 1 is slightly wider and therefore it is more difficult to slide the iPad into the cover. Because it is not a perfect fit we do not advertise the KidsCover Original for the iPad 1 but we have some clients who are using it for this model. If you want to see some images, just drop us a message on the contact page.

3)Does the KidsCover also fit other Tablets like the Samsung ones?

KidsCovers are purpose made for the iPad. As they are made to size and cut outs for all buttons and connections are made to fit the iPad we do not advise to use a KidsCover for an alternative tablet.

4)How do I use the KidsCover?

We made an instruction video for you. Please find it here under the support tab at videos.

5)How to I apply the ScreenCover on my iPad?

Fortunately you only have to do this once. As with all screen protectors this will require some patience and a little time but it really is quite easy to do. Before getting started, have a look at this useful video:

6)What should I do with the black plastic insert?

This piece of black plastic has the exact size of an iPad and in uses to keep the KidsCover in a perfect shape during transport. After you have removed it to insert your iPad you can dispose it.