KidsCover, for the most durable and robust iPad tablet cases and Headphones, specially developed for children at home and at school.


The iPad in primary education

It seems that Apple has won the tablet battle in education and the iPad is therefore widely used in primary education, in kindergartens and in nurseries. Due to the frequent use, it is nowhere more important to protect the iPads properly and safely. Over the years, KidsCover has become an established name in primary education


A sustainable solution

We use EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) foam for our iPad covers and Headphones. EVA is super safe. it contains no harmful substances, it is super light and ultra shock resistant. In addition, it is easy to disinfect and clean. EVA foam is also easy to recycle.


KidsCover, ergonomic use due to adjustable handle

The iPad can easily be placed tightly in the KidsCover by a teacher. The pleasantly large carry handle can be used as a horizontal and vertical stand for an ergonomic working posture. All buttons and connections are of course accessible. We have a suitable KidsCover for all common iPad models


KidsCover Starterkit - Free Screen protector and KidsStylus

You will receive a free Screen cover with every KidsCover, so you no longer have to worry about scratches on the screen! In addition, every KidsCover comes with a fun but especially useful KidsStylus. Children learn to write and draw faster with a pen or pencil when they do drawing or writing exercises with a stylus on the tablet instead of using a fingers.


The Safe 'n Sound, finally durable headphones for primary education and at home

Perhaps familiar, the frustration of the headphones that seem to go continuously defective. So much so that many schools have turned to cheap headphones or "earbuds" because there simply wasn't a good solution. Not exactly sustainable all those headphones in the bin! We have developed our Safe & Sound to put an end to this. First of all, the cable is 50% thicker and wrapped in strong textile so that it is "fidgety" and "bite" resistant. The cable can be disconnected and replaced with a special twist and click movement. We have made the headphones out of 1 piece EVA foam, which makes them flexible and virtually unbreakable. An adapter is included for the smallest children. To protect children from hearing damage, the noise level of the Safe 'n Sound is limited to 85 dB. The KidsCover headphones are a perfect fit for toddlers up to and including children in group 8. In the meantime, the Safe 'n Sound is already in use by many schools for tablets, PCs and chromebooks, etc. If you want to test one without any obligation just drop us a message and we will gladly send you one



You can order directly from us by email to or directly on our website. Orders are shipped within one business day. We also deliver through many well-known ICT suppliers. You can order directly from us by email to or directly on our website. Orders are shipped within one business day. We also deliver through many well-known ICT suppliers.


In collaboration with the German quality manufacturer Parat, various solutions have been developed to charge, synchronize and safely store multiple iPads inside the KidCovers. PARAT is the leading manufacturer of mobile IT solutions for educational, public and industrial applications. With the products designed, manufactured, TUV tested and patented in Germany, PARAT is an important supplier in the European market. For more information about the storage and loading system, please refer to




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