The brand Kids Cover can be slightly misleading and although accurate in that the product we provide is the children’s iPad case, the use of these iPad protective cases is not limited to iPads used only by children. Yes they come in a range of colours that may be more suited to children but we also provide our covers in black.

We’re not saying a adults can’t enjoy an iPad protective cases in vibrant pink or blue, what we’re saying is that if you are looking for a more toned down and conservative option, black iPad protective cases are the perfect option for you.

iPad Protective Cases Available in Range of Colours

The iPad protective cases from Kids Cover may vary in colour and size but what remains the same for all of our iPad cases is the design and quality. Made from highly durable, shockproof and comfortable to hold EVA foam, iPad protective cases from Kids Cover will protect against knocks and falls which is invaluable for any iPad user, young or old.

Each case features cut outs to ensure that all ports are accessible whilst inside the case and because these ports are located in the same place on each generation of iPad the cases are suitable for all.

Because iPads prove useful for people in various industries and from all walks of life, more and more people are utilising iPads in the day to day work. If you work in an environment that could be detrimental to the well being of your device then protecting your iPad is a must and because our iPad protective cases are designed to withstand the clumsiness of kids, it is ideal as a heavy duty iPad protection solution.

iPad Cases at Reduced Prices

What’s more, in the interest of customer satisfaction and because we know money can be tight this time of year we have drastically reduced our prices. You can now pick up our iPad protective cases for all iPad generations including covers for iPad 2 in black, blue, pink and orange for £29.99. The price of our kids iPad mini covers has also been reduced and these now retail at £19.99. Each iPad case includes a free stylus in the design of a Crayola crayon and a screen guard to further protect your iPad screen from scratches.

Contacting Kids Cover

If you are interested in Kids Cover iPad protective cases you can place your order online. If you are in the education industry or if you are responsible for children who have access to iPad’s then we urge you to contact us. Our children’s iPad case design is perfect in a school or education environment and you may be eligible for a discount on bulk orders.