Why Invest in a Child Friendly iPad Cover from Kids Cover

iPads are fragile, meaning you will want to make sure that it is fully protected. Children are care free and can be a little careless with iPads, therefore it is important for you as a parent to buy a suitable cover to protect the iPad.

We sell a range of child friendly iPad covers (for all types of iPads, including covers for iPad 2 and the iPad mini) that are designed for children. Our iPad covers are made from robust material, ensuring the iPad’s protection. They come in various materials, colours and designs. So that means, your child can choose a cover that they like. This way, you and your child can both be happy because your child gets a cover they like and you get a cover at a great price with equally great quality.

These covers are ideal in all types of environments; schools, playgrounds, indoors and outdoors. Another advantage to buying our covers is that we have a 2 year guarantee on your purchase!  The child friendly iPad covers from Kids Cover help to protect the iPad from any damage that can be caused by dropping for example. iPads have all sorts of important ports, which can be easily accessed through this cover.

Free Screen Protector and Crayola Stylus

Kids Cover also offer screen protectors free of charge when you purchase an iPad cover from Kids Cover. This protects the screen from scratches. We all know that young children will smudge and scratch screens because they are constantly playing all sorts of games. But because of the screen protector, the chances of scratches and smudge marks are minimised.

Stylus pens are very useful for iPads and tablets. Also included with your child friendly iPad cover is a stylus pen that is specially designed for children in the form of a crayon. Not only is this design much more appealing to children, it is also much easier for a child to hold.

Contacting the Team at Kids Cover

If you wish to have your own cover for the iPad 2 or any generation of iPad, then place an order online. If you are acting on behalf of a school or education authority we urge you to get in touch as we offer discounts on bulk orders for kids iPad cases for schools. You can easily search for further information through our website. But if you would like to contact us, please feel free to do so. We can be contacted on the following phone number +44 (0)1282 680452.