Voordeelset Greenscreenbox + Toolblox

Voordeelset Greenscreenbox + Toolblox

Voordeelset Greenscreenbox + Toolblox

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With the Greenscreenbox you can take cool greenscreen photos and videos in no time. Surprise others with video tricks which are nearly magical.

The Greenscreenbox is supplied without a tablet.

Includes holder for a Tablet with KidsCover which you can perfectly adjust with 2 included slats.

The Toolblox give you even more possibilities and ease of use while making your own greenscreen photos and videos. The blocks and strips are designed in exactly the same color as the Greenscreenbox and therefore invisible in your photos and videos. The set consists of blocks of various sizes that you can use to hide objects behind, to run under or over something or to place them higher in your video. With the help of the strips you can make objects move without your hands coming into view.

We recommend that a maximum of 4 people work per Greenscreenbox. This way everyone can easily access it and everyone can participate actively.

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The size of the base plate of the Greenscreenbox incl. tablet holder is approximately 97 x 80 cm.

You can download the usermanual of the green screen app for free via our support page

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