Happy New Year! Christmas is over and we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief! Or can we? Are you one of the many parents that has given in to your child’s demands and bought them an iPad but you’re sat here now gritting your teeth and flinching each time they plonk it down roughly on the table? What do they think it is? Some sort of cheap etch a sketch as opposed to the expensive technologically advanced device it actually is? It is unfortunately true that children do not appreciate the value of things and whilst this worry free attitude is admirable, their disregard for the expensive Christmas presents you spent all year saving for isn’t! iPads retail at well into the hundreds of pounds mark, why not spend a little more on ensuring the safety of your device? With this in mind, Kids Cover would like to introduce to you our range of iPad protective cases.

Kids Cover iPad Protective Cases Now Even More Affordable

We understand that January can be a gloomy month and that finances are still in a state of recovery after Christmas and frivolous spends of the festive month which is why we decided to reduce our prices with the standard iPad protective cases retailing at £29.99 and the iPad mini covers at £19.99. The quality of our iPad protective cases remain at the same high level and as always, with every purchase of either our iPad protective cases or iPad mini covers you will receive a free stylus in the design of a crayola crayon and screen guard.

The Kids Cover iPad protective cases are made from durable EVA foam that is soft to touch and lightweight. Incorporated in the iPad protective cases is a carry handle. This handle allows for easy and secure grip thus reducing the risk of the device being dropped. All ports are accessible as all the cases we provide have cutaway section for access to these. And you don’t have to worry as these cases including the iPad mini covers, are suitable over all generations of iPad as the location of the ports is the same for all of them. What’s more, all our iPad protective cases come complete with a Kids Cover 2 year warranty.

Contact us to Enquire about iPad Covers for Schools

It would be unfortunate for a child to miss out on the opportunity to learn and play through the medium of iPads due to their fragile and expensive nature. We believe every child should have access to them. Schools are starting to realise the benefits of iPads for learning and we want to encourage this notion which is why, if you are interested in ordering in bulk for iPad covers for schools you may be eligible for a discount.

Contacting Kids Cover

You can place your individual order online but if you are interested in ordering in bulk for iPad covers for schools we urge you to get in touch as you to enquire about our bulk order offers. You can contact the team at Kids Cover on +44(0)1282 680 452 to discuss this